Japanese Performing Arts Medicine Association (JPAMA) is a medical association composed exclusively of physicians and dentists that examines medical care for musicians and dancers.

Established in May 2022, and the first meeting was held in Tokyo in July, attended by 120 physicians and dentists from all over Japan.

In July 2023, the Japanese Performing Arts Therapy Conference was held at the same time as JPAMA, and a study group of physical therapists and occupational therapists discussed kinesiotherapy and occupational therapy for musicians and dancers.

In 2024, the Japanese Performing Arts Science Conference will be held, where researchers in basic sciences such as exercise physiology and sound engineering, as well as performers and music teachers from a wide range of professions, will freely discuss musician medicine and dance medicine.

Thus, in Japan, association for performing arts medicine is organized by medical profession, which enables more specialized discussions in each profession, and the results are returned to general trainees, musicians, and dancers to expand the circle of discussion.

The program of the first scientific meeting held in Tokyo on July 18, 2022 is as follows: https://en.jpama.org/conference